Satoru Yanagawa

柳川 覚
London based professional Hair Artist, with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.
2010 ~ Present : Move to London.
1994 ~ 2010 : Belong to Mod’s Hair Paris Agency in Tokyo as a freelance hair & make- up artist.
Worked for various magazines, shows and advertisements.
1987 ~ 1994 : Worked in a hair salon in Tokyo, Japan
VOGUE Italy Video, DAZED CONFUSED, 1883 Magazine, FAOULT Magazine, UMNO Magazine, TIRAID Magazine, FACEON Magazine, ESSENTIAL HOMME Magazine, ADD Magazine, VOGUE Japan, ELLE Japan, FIGARO Japan, NYLON Japan, HI FASHION, SPUR, SO-EN, SWEET, SPRING and GIZEL.